Welcome to the m‑ld playground. Here you can experiment with queries and transactions on a temporary domain. You can also join other m‑ld.org domains, such as from other playground tabs or from the demo.

To start, click the "new" button above to create a brand new domain, or enter an existing domain name and press Enter. The Data pane will show data from the domain that matches the Query (by default, all data is described).

To modify domain data, enter JSON-LD data or an update pattern in the Transact pane, and click the "apply" button. Any updates applied to the domain are shown below (the most recent at the top). When an update arrives, the Data pane is automatically updated.

The language of queries and transactions is json‑rql, as for all m‑ld engines. The engine being used here is the Javascript engine with an in-memory data store (nothing is kept in your browser when you close this tab).



Data – Query Results